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5th May 2023

Plus 11 and dry when driving in.

No jockeys in as David Bass is in Belgium with his Dad and Ciaran Gethings is back in Ireland with his family.

We have our usual vet visit..

Heros De Romay, Sandmartin and Idamix went home to Batsford for their summer holidays.. I know Mary will be spoil rotten. Lucky boys..

Phil Andrews called in to see his horses on his way to watching his horse Dandy Dan run at Cheltenham this evening ..

DD won this race last year, but might struggle to repeat the exercise as this years Cheltenham St James Place (Foxhunters) Hunter Chase winner Premier Magic is in the field.

Lauren Keen Hawkins rides and there will be a strong team of support for her from Thorndale.

More records at sales.. Breeze up in Newmarket and mares in Australia where son Harry works!!

Martin F-G sent this letler to me .. Probably from the Pewsey Echo.. Probably written by him too!"

We seem to be annoyed by absolutely everything.

Vegetarians are enraged by people who eat meat.

Remainers are enraged by people who votes for Brexit.

Poor people are enraged when rich neighbours applies for planning permission to plant a hedge.

There’s no tolerance at all.

The middle ground has become as alien as Mars..And its got to stop.

Everyone...Tories, Muslims, Young people, the Elderly, immigrants, rockers hip-hopper, Jewish people, vegetablists, white people, bacon enthusiasts, speed freak, the fat, the fit, the timid, black people, policemen, Christians, vicars, and socialists.

If we want to live in a happy country, we have all got to come together as one.

And gang up against the cyclists.