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5th September 2023

Plus 14 and dry when driving in. A hot week indeed..

Please note.. Our BT telephone line is down.. please ring my mobile if you wish to contact the office.

It was hot yesterday afternoon when we were trotting up and videoing every horse in the yard.

This is the second time we have done this since the horses returned from their summer holidays..

We are trialling a new lameness locator app.. Very much in the early stages, but we will monitor and video the horses every 2/3 months over the season and that way we will build up a base for the studies..Long term it really could be a really important app to have in our data base.

Jack Dreaper lost last night but it was a good match to watch and surely he will improve again, a talent to watch.

Carlos Alcaraz and Novak Djokovic through..They look like meeting in the Finals again.

David Bass and Barry Lewis were in to ride out. David back from Spain and Barry used to work here but now with Andrew Balding.. I really enjoy seeing old members of staff riding out again, even if it is on their holidays or days off..

Mary Dulverton was over to see her horses as was David Shuttle who was here to see his KBRS horse Does He Know.

There were no movers and shakers in this weeks BHA handicap charts..

As you know we have the Tour of Britain (started on Sunday) passing by the bottom of Thorndale’s drive on Saturday, which is why we have put back by one hour our National Racehorse week open day.. But the good news is that there are now no pot holes on the route!..

If you happen to live or drive where the route the cyclist are going then you would have noticed that council vans have been busy filling in and levelling all those dreadful holes.. can you image one of the racing bikes wheels hitting a pot hole at speed!!?.. The ‘No win no fees’ or as I call them ‘no foal no fee’ solicitors would have a field day!