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5th October 2023

Plus 12 and dry when driving in.

Paul Feruson was here last night wandering round evening stables and looking (admiring?) at some of the horses that he features in his excellent Jumpers To Follow book..

Another expensive day at Tattersalls Sales.. Book one..

Thursday is our easy day..

The mornings are just becoming darker by the day.. The clocks change on October 29..

World Cup Cricket...England v New Zealand without Ben Stokes?.... Team England

Andy Murray beaten in the first round of the Shanghai Masters

Sorry for all the David’s who took offence for yesterday video.. Viktoria Gatu sent it to David Bass.. That is how it ended up here..

Clare, Mat, Peter and I are all heading to Warwick races today as guests of John Webber and Richard Sheppard.. Colliers sponsor the 3.05 Save Business Rates With Colliers Novices' Limited Handicap Chase.

I am sure Roger Hart will open the proceedings and go through the card.. added by a it rudery in my direction?. Always a fun day..

Birdlip Hill and A417 is going to be a nightmare over the coming months/yeasr.. These are dates you need to have in your diary as the route takes you on a 10 mile diversion..

What not to say when you get pulled over:

Police officer: Papers.

Driver: Scissors.