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5th December 2023

Plus 3 and drizzling when driving in...

I have to say that was a pretty wet old day yesterday. It was bleak, very damp and foggy all day. 13mm of rain.

Tuesday morning brings in David Bass to ride out. David has missed a few days riding due to a schooling accident here.. He seems fine, although he will not be race riding until the weekend.

David was in ride work on First Flow..He worked with Trelawne ..

First Flow is due to run at Huntingdon on Sunday in the Peterborough Chase. First Flow just loves it as soft as he can get it and you might think oh lucky boy, but can you believe it, yesterdays going update was good and  good to firm in places.. 12 hours later there was a change in the going report..Good to Soft, Good (in places)..The home straight is currently flooded

This weeks movers and shaker in the BHA handicap charts were Destroytheevidence up 7 to 129, Espoir De Romay down 2 to 135, Phantom Getaway down 4 to 116, Lets Go Amigo down 2 to 94 and Gerard Mentor down 1 to 103.

Racing has lost another well known character in Neville Callaghan..

The annual HWPA lunch in London yesterday..

Racing looks a bit precarious this part of the week.. weatherwise, we had hoped to have a runner at Southwell this afternoon with Hurlerontheditch but Southwell is waterlogged.

It all happened yesterday. Broken tooth and a Singles injection.. (misspelt as it sounds better!) Dentist today..

Guy Faber sent this one over..

A little girl was usually driven to school by her grandad, but one day he was ill so granny took her to school instead.

That night the little girl's parents asked her "How was the drive to school with granny darling?" 

The little girl said it was fine, but very different to going with grandad. 

"Oh - how was it different?" they asked her.

"Well" said the little girl "this morning with granny we didn't see a single tosser, blind bastard, foreign prick or wanker the whole journey."

Alf Garnett!!

To finish .. Happy birthday to Susie Veigo..