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6th December 2023

Plus 6 and dry when driving in.

A package arrived in my office yesterday addressed to Clare Bailey c/o of Kim Bailey Racing.

Last night I took it home and Clare thinking it was a belated Christmas present from her husband was amazed to see that she has received a M&S hamper from Sandy and Andy Page with a note..... ''Dear Clare, Thank you for finding such wonderful homes for both Blazon and Shinobi. Their happiness means so much to us both.. Best Wishes..''

Clare was thrilled and really appreciates that she is appreciated, if that makes sense.... She works tirelessly trying to find suitable homes for our ex racehorses.. It is something she is immensely proud of.. It is very time consuming as she has about 500 people on her books and she goes through all their references and tries to match horse with human..

This week Clare has found a wonderful home for Rockys Treasure..

Rocky recently won at Doncaster and we all felt it was a good time for him to retire and John Perriss, Rockys owner, was very keen to be part of the descison making yesterday spoke to the lady who Clare recommended for his favourite horse Rocky..  all boxes are now ticked..and hopefully Rocky has a wonderful home for he rest of his life.

David Bass was in to ride out..

Hugo Barran of JSC was here second lot to film Two For Gold..

Hugo is putting together a feature on some of last season success stories of The Inaugural Winter Million meeting at Lingfield for ARC.. TFG won the feature race The Fleur De Lys Chase.

Kate Elliot was here third lot to see her KBRS horse Grand Escapade

We had a vet here mid morning for his Friday visit

We have just the one runner at Ludlow. Wandrin Star heads there and for my thoughts please click here.

Not sure who sent me this.. Not Mrs B I hope!!

Men in their 20’s play football

Men in their 30s play tennis

Men in their 40’s play golf

Have you noticed when men get older their balls get smaller?