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6th February 2018

0 degrees and dry when driving in.

Kayf Storm and Rose To Fame had an away day.. A big learning curve for them.

Todays planned visitors (Fenella Tillier and Richard  Stewart-Liberty) cancelled in advance due todays inclement weather forecast.. sensible..although the minus 3 or 4 we were forecasted did not materialise.

Graham Potts our vet was in for his Tuesday visit.

This weeks movers and shakers in the BHA handicap charts were..Another Venture up 6 to 134, Gallery Exhibition down 6 to 130, Rhaegar down 1 to 125 while Harry Topper is reassessed at 140.

Leigh's blog from Mussleburgh a day late....she, or rather her email disappeared into my spam box yesterday morning so I never saw it...

'I am writing this on the way back from a successful weekend at Musselbrugh. Not while I am driving!

We took 4 horses, so we used outside Transport, lucky for me as I don’t have to drive, but unlucky because it takes about 2 hours longer!

We came up on Friday in 8 and a half hours and got the horses settled. The racecourse provides bedding in the stables, but you can help yourself to as much extra as you want. The horses are all given a leg stretch before being left to rest on nice thick beds.

Then on to our Accomodation which was a Premier Inn about 10 minutes away. It was very comfortable, especially as they were able to give us our own rooms.

There was a pub next door which did good food, so most of the stable staff spent the evenings in there, mostly around the pool table!

As we had brought our runners for Sunday up 2 days before, I rode them out on Saturday. This is quite common practice when travelling overnight.

Some trainers prefer all of their horses to be ridden out, even if they are running on that day. We only ride out if they run the next day, the days runners get a 10 minute walk out in hand.

At Musselburgh we are allowed to canter up the back straight, a distance of about 3 furlongs. All 3 boys behaved very well, especially as it was still quite dark!

Most racecourses are very flexible when you are staying overnight, there is always someone there and you can come and go whenever you like, regardless of time.

All our horses ran well, despite the ground going soft after constant rain on Saturday, and the meeting has left us looking forward to the Cheltenham Festival just a little bit more!

In would just like to finish by saying that Stevie and I were royally looked after by the racecourse.. In fact we love being sent with runners to Scotland!'

A chap with a bad stammer goes into a bookmaker's and says to the clerk: "I b-b-b-backed....

The clerk, who is busy, says: "You'd better see the boss."

Ushered into the back office, the man begins in the same way.

Impatient, the bookmaker says: "You backed the favourite?"


"You backed a horse at five to one?"


The bookie says: "I'm sorry, but I'm very busy. Will this cover it?" and hands him £10, which is accepted with alacrity.

Apparently satisfied, the chap leaves and on his way out says to the clerk: "S-s-smashing b-b-bloke your b-b-boss. I only w-w-wanted to t-t-tell him that I b-backed a f-f-five-ton truck into his B-b-Bentley."

The wheel?

To finish...This months owner interview is Phil Andrews.. Another good read..