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6th March 2023

Plus 4 and dry when driving in. Rain later?

Forecasted snow this week. Surely not!

Yesterday performances at Huntingdon did not help my mood.. I spent the day with my leg up on bricks with weights on my knee .. two bottles(full) of wine placed in the pockets of an oven glove placed over my knee trying to get the bloody thing straight.. anyway watching my runners did not help.

Galaxy Moon looks to a new life away from racing, while Let’s Go Amigo spent the night at the vets with a very nasty cut on one of his hind legs sustained at the first… all in all not a good day.

Yesterday morning it was good to see Jane Lay, plus family, here to meet their new horse Law Of Supply.

A sad story as Andrew Lay rang me in November just before the Cheltenham Tattersall’s sales and asked me to buy him a horse if I saw saw one I liked.. Law Of Supply fitted the bill..  sadly in the mean time Andrew was diagnosed with the dreaded C and passed away a month ago so he never met his new horse.

We hope that LOS will run and win many times in Andrew's memory..

A visit from my sister and brother in law for lunch.. Good to see them

Monday morning and a new week.. it can only get better?

England bowling well in the last ODI against Bangladesh..

We have two runners today at Wetherby. Halligator rand Inflragante run there and for my thoughts please click here.

The Bull and the Pheasant..