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5th July 2017

Plus 10 and dry when driving in...

It looks like being a stunning and very warm day.

It was warm in London yesterday.

The ROA lunch.. I arrived too late for the AGM but in time for pre lunch drinks.. probably the best arrangement?

I was never sure that the ROA as a body has a sense of humour but when I saw that I was sitting on Altior’s table I realised or hoped that they did.

Yes great to be sitting on a table hosted by Altior's owner Patricia PughAltior might be the best young horse in Jump racing but he is also a thorn in our side .. Charbel fell when looking like he might have beaten him in the Arkle at Cheltenham?

Who knows but it would be fitting if Patricia could be sitting on Charbel’s table next year?

Joking aside it was a very good lunch. I was well drawn with Sam Bullard on my right and Gary Coffey on my left. Oli Bell started the proceeding and the Chris Deuters award went to David Redvers..

Lunch was followed by a speech from Nick Luck who had the rooms in fits.

There was a mention of Blowers and one of the morning speakers suggested that if my voice was not like it was I would be training at least another 40 horses!

The train took the strain and on the way home from Kingham I called in to see Johnny and Liz Wills and their horse Net Work Rouge, plus two rather good looking foals by Black Sam Bellamy and Kayf Tara.

David Bass was in this morning and we worked Red Spinner and Sonneofpresenting..

Two hot air ballooons disturbed our morning.. They can be so dangerous as horse as hate them and are really scared by the noise they make when the burners are applied..

Lots of noise in the yard.. Horse being ridden now that only a few days ago were out at grass..Term time..

We have two runners today.. One flat and one over jumps.

I am heading to Worcester (hard to believe) where Jupiter’s Gift runs, while at Kempton tonight Sunblazer returns to his beloved all weather racing.. For my thoughts on their chances please click here.

Glen Swire yesterday sent this email to Bear..

''Dear Bear,

This is to welcome you to the I Had To Have An Anaesthetic While Some Gnome Had A Good Rootle Round My Trachea Club, an exclusive body, and don't let the horses try and pretend that they have already been there, because what they go through in that department is kindergarten stuff.  Anyway, hope they retrieved the seeds and that we will be hearing you voicing your fitness on the gallops very soon.

Hope your new mate is obeying your house rules.  Not sure whether his name implies Scottish blood and that he may have tendencies to dance around in a kilt playing the bagpipes. I suppose there could be an upside to all this, in that if his Scottish connections are good it could help ensure a smooth and constant flow of the amber liquid to the boss.''

All the best