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6th July 2023

Plus 11 and dry when driving in.

 John and Sue Humphreys were here mid morning to see their KBRS horse Sprucefrontiers

I mentioned yesterday that it was the NHS's 75th birthday..I also mentioned that their after care service was not that brilliant and on that note my hospital appointment for Friday has been cancelled, which probably means my last MRI scan will be out of date by the time I have the new appointment at the end of this month!.. So annoyingly as it means I am still in lockdown mode until given the all clear..

I forgot to mention that John Cootes won this years 5 to follow competition.. John won by one point!

This 'in house competition' is always hugely popular..

Nick Cook who I sopke to after the Lord's Test suggested we should try a new format for this coming winter, but it is hard to know what to alter.. suggestions welcome.. Most do not change their horses when given the opportunity..

The Third Ashes Test starts today at Headingley..It is a must win Test for England otherwise the Ashes is lost..Oh for a ticket!! The atmosphere will be electric as will the crowds attempt to wind up the Aussies.. Classic Headingley Ashes moments..

Plenty of high jinks at Worcester yesterday..

Jockeys were given high viz jackets if they wanted to walk the course before racing.. All about identification and a way of making sure jockeys were not mistaken for 'protestors'..David Bass apparently took his off and pretended to be a just stop oil protester to a local trainer who reacted accordingly.. David was lucky to be able to ride after the local trainer/farmer took him off in 'Bairstow' fashion..


Katie Boulter made it through to the second round.

Britain's Arthur Fery's match was very watchable even though he lost..

Andy Murray plays today..

The music was only in practice mode last night at the 2000trees Festival.. my office still vibrated to the beat.... It all starts in earnest today.. Those coming please drive carefully.. these local roads are not ideal for the number of cars turning left or right off the A436 to Withington..There were two accidents yesterday and the road to Gloucester was closed this morning.

Puppy yoga fad.. surely it can't be true.. but it is..

Imagine being completely naked in a room full of people who speak a different language and everyone wants to touch you... This is life of a dog.

We have a new owner of the month..Always a good read and Tim Caven's contribution is no exception