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7th March 2018

0 degrees and dry when driving in.

Last night I did a Cheltenham preview.. I don’t normally do them, bar the one Mat and I do on Monday night with Nick Luck and Jonathan Neeson at The New Inn At Coln.. Last nights was an exception.

Jack Weatherby was to blame.. he wrote ‘’It would be an absolute pleasure if you would also like to join our panel to give your invaluable insight for the Bristol Turf Club. On top of this, you come very highly recommended from Dad!’ How could I refuse?

Colin Brown compared the evening with Tom David (Ben Pauling's assistant), Nico de Boinville and Ed Guiver from Fitzdares as my fellow panellists. It was a fun night and in the audience was Peter Bennet-Jones's (Price Llewellyn) son Bertie.

Not keen on driving I asked Nico de Boinville to give me a lift, but after sending several text massages to him asking I received nothing in reply.

David Bass, who is a great friend of Nico’s, suggested that he was avoiding the thought, let alone the pleasure of driving me..In desperation, thinking the top jockey was just being rude I rang.. only to find there is another Nic de Boinville in my address book.. his uncle.. Rectifying the matter I rang the right number having asked Bass for it,  Nico answered my call and kindly drove..

I did not take long to see why they are such good friends, and have so much in common, when Nico wanted a receipt for the One pound it cost to cross the Bristol Suspension bridge.

David Bass in this morning. We worked a few and jumped The Drinkymeister, Red River, Rhaegar and First Flow

Third lot..John Benson called in to see his KBRP horses Silver Kayf, Vinndication, Chateau Robin and Our Belle Amie; Darren Smith and Christopher Hill to see their KBRP horse Vinndication and David and Fran Ratcliffe to see their KBRP horses Silver Kayf and Vinndication.. Lucy Land was also here.

Nothing planned and looking for a special treat for the Cheltenham Festival? Then please look at the picture on the right..Bid away by emailing Annabel England and it could be yours... I will add a visit here on any one of the mornings on your way into the races..

Talking Cheltenham we have decided to run First Flow in the Sky Bet Supreme.. The original plan was to go to Kelso but with the possibility of soft ground on the first day at Cheltenham we have now changed our mind.

We have one runner today at Catterick. Sea Story heads there and for my thoughts on her chances please click here.

Hardly appropriate last night..

An elderly gentleman walks into an up market cocktail lounge.

He is in his mid-eighties, very well-dressed, hair well-groomed, great looking suit, flower in his lapel and smelling slightly of an expensive after shave. He presents a very nice image.

Seated at the bar is a classy looking lady in her mid-seventies.

The sharp old gentleman walks over and sits alongside her. He orders a drink and takes a sip.

He slowly turns to the lady and says: "So, tell me... do I come here often?"