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7th April 2020

It was plus 1 and dry this morning.

Tuesday is usually the day when Graham Potts, our vet, calls in for his Tuesday visit, and then the BHA announce their new handicap ratings for any horse that ran last week.. Strangely enough neither Graham or the BHA were in action today.

I actually have been asked about vet visits..

Graham is now a roving vet and does not go to base (the surgery) very often and when he does it is very much at long arms length..

TCEH are still working and doing operations, although some of their vets are in isolation.. Thankfully they have all the right kit to keep going..

We now have a skeleton staff in the yard of 8 members who all live in the hostel..

We are, as from this week, only riding out a couple of horses and for the rest of the day all I can hear is the steam cleaner spraying powerful jets of water at the walls and floors of the boxes as they are emptied of horses…

So in theory normal life continues.. Annoyingly this is all at least a month too soon..

Now I need your help..

As much as I am terribly keen to keep my blog going it is not easy trying to think of interesting things to write about without repeating myself.. I know I do with the jokes.. but..

I really want to keep the Kim Bailey Racing community spirit going, so I would like you, my owners and readers, to send me in some amusing snippets of what your life is like at the moment..

How you are coping with the lock down situation.. and of course some pictures.. preferably not taken in the bedroom.... I am sure some of you will love doing this.. but lets make it  fun..

So many of you have been with me for a while and you all know each other by name or sight…. Come on, let's try and make this entertaining.. we all have a funny story to tell?..

Send over some funny stories and I will gradually drip feed my blog..It can be just an amusing racing story.. I have plenty to tell..

We all have a story to tell.. if not, then I will make one up and you know how good I am at that.. Many of you fell for my April Fools story!!

You all know my email adress. I am waiting..

I am joining 'my old school mate' Matt Chapman on his Sky Sports Racing programme this evening at about 8pm.. in between racing from the States..

Todays non virus video nasty.. a rather nostalgic one?