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7th April 2023

Plus 2 and dry when driving in.

Hurlerontheditch ran well finishing third at Wetherby. He showed improvement from his last run at Haydock . I don't believe we will see the best of Hurler until he goes over fences next season. 

Voyburg might be very good looking but he sadly lacks determination. Ability is there, but you need a will to win in this game to progress. He will now be looking for a new career away from racing.

Good Friday and in my Lambourn days it was always a busy and probably long one.
Lambourn Open Day. Plenty of activities and although David Bass is keen to emulate me in winning the camel race.. I am far keener to watch him perform in the showjumping. Nico de Boinville promises a video!
There is also an open day at Middleham.... Both venues are fun and great charity fundraisers..
Another boring day in hospital and for a moment there was talk of going home today, but that idea was squashed mid morning as they understandably want to see what my biopsy culture grows. That takes about 5/ 10 days!!  Don't mention the problems the NHS face next week..
Easter in here was not what I really wanted or expected, but needs must!
Hard to know what do with myself all day, but I do plenty of walking round the hospital to keep myself on the move. Struggling to concentate for reading.. podcasts are good..
Thanks for all the phone calls.. appreciated..

For those of you have mentioned Delirium tremens .. the answer is no!! My customary Bloody Mary is missed though.. especially on Sunday mornings