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8th May 2020

It was plus 10 and dry first thing this morning

We clapped for the NHS last night as I am sure you all did..


Is there a more beautiful procession of sounds anywhere in the world?

'The growl of diesel, the satisfying crunch of gravel, the squeal of brakes. Yes, it’s the Majestic wine delivery van with our latest crates of lockdown necessities.

They are incredibly conscientious at Majestic.

A nice woman rang me when I sent my last email requesting 18 bottles of sauvignon blanc. “Hello, Mr Bailey. I just wanted to check you meant to send this order, because, you see, we dispatched the very same order five days ago.”

No mistake had been made. “There are two of us, you know,” I told her.

Every Thursday at 8pm my wife and I stand and applaud the Majestic staff...It is usually the latest hour we are able to stand, frankly....'

I suppose I should add that last night was a blurrrrrr....

Moving on..Yesterdays RSA Zoom meeting went on for a while and seemed to take up most of the morning and early afternoon.. It was in fact a very constructive meeting..

This is a trial video for a new horse that Peter is currently syndicating ..Practice.. as they say can only improve the quality of it..?

The answers to Karen Master's quiz..

1.   Carberry – Bobbyjo
2.    Shergar
3.    Sandringham
4.    Grey Mirage
5.    3 May 1965 at Rossenarra Stud
6.    1780
7.    Chester
8.    60
9.    11
10.   Guy Fawkes Night
11.   Hong Kong
12.   They all came 2nd in the Grand National
13.   6 furlongs
14.   Mars Bar
15.   Dick Francis
16.   Silver Eagle and Knockanrawley
17.   18
18.   Sir Gordon Richards
19.   Eclipse
20.   Cartmel, Cheltenham, Chester, Carlisle, Catterick, Chepstow, Chelmsford

Thanks Karen.. Your quiz was a huge success.. especially question 16...John Battershall and Nick Cook enjoyed......

Talking Nick Cook his official umpiring answer to yesterdays cricketing photo competition is..

'On fourth ball batsman hits a boundary (4runs), next ball he hits it deep into the outfield, they run 3, but one short is called by umpire Bailey, therefore only 2 scored, scores level. Batsman has scored 100, he’s at the non striking end.  Other batsman on strike and he hits the final ball for 6, winning the game and taking him to 100!'

Hughie Williams who was a founder member of Racing Club KCB recalled..

It has occurred to me (in the way that these things do) that it's the 25th Anniversary of the Racing Club's first victory (Upward Surge winning at Southwell).

It was V.E. Day 1995 and Marek's telephone pronouncement began with a searing rendition of Land of Hope and Glory before he launched into what can best be described as a Churchillian speech about "Victory in Europe and Victory at Southwell" (classic Marek).

Thinking VE day might not be appropriate here, but it is well worth reading about the courage of.... Guy Disney..

To finish.. Very Happy Birthday to Penny Perriss.....  Penny you might enjoy..

Todays non virus video nasty..