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8th May 2021

Plus 7 when checking the weather app on my phone, it doesn't look good out there!

BREAKING NEWS - Kim caught a fish, and not just one, he caught two!! I think I have been here for three years now and I am sure this is a first!

Final day of blogging from me, I hope that you have enjoyed something a little different.

We ran Design Icon yesterday at Market Rasen who finished fifth. He ran a race full of promise and will be a nice horse over a longer trip.

Lots of runners today, we have The Jockey Club's syndicate horse Hes No Trouble running in the 4.55 at Haydock, Stevie and Alicia are taking him. Leigh, Will and Leah are off to Warwick with Sayadam (5.45), Yeavering Belle (6.50) and Chazza (7.20), a busy day ahead for Peter and our syndicate members. For our thoughts on their chances, please click here.

Talking syndicates, Peter is at it again! We have a new horse with shares available, only a few left I believe but still a chance to get involved - I took lots of photos of him yesterday. 

We went down to the fields yesterday to check on the horses that have been turned out - to be honest I just wanted to see Two For Gold! However, they all look great, the grass is growing well as are their pop bellies! I am sure more will head out over the coming weeks. 

I had the message for my covid jab yesterday so I will be heading to Moreton Hospital to get mine this morning.......hopefully no side effects.

Wishing you all a great weekend.