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6th July 2021

Plus 12 and sunny this morning, although if I went off my weather app it would be raining.

So Boris announced that he plans to lift restrictions as of the 19th July but will confirm if this is actually possible on the 12th.... I know alot of people will be glad that the masks can be removed but personally I think I will choose to continue wearing mine in certain public places and will definitely have to stick to the full PPE uniform when working in the salon. 

I was a little late in yesterday as I was getting my second covid vaccination, after which I feel fine thankfully as two friends went yesterday too and one does not feel well at all - it is so strange how the vaccine and covid affects different people.

It's still quiet in the yard, plenty of staff returning next week and I am sure horses will be coming back in too, there won't be much for them to do otherwise as I see they have finished painting the final barn.

This weeks movers and shakers in the handicap charts are The Bull Mccabe down 1 to 127 and Peaked Too Soon has been given a mark of 118

No runners this week so I'll try dig up some trivia racing questions to keep you entertained......