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9th July 2021

Plus 13 and a beautiful morning.

Definitely got that friday feeling today although you do have me for one more morning and then the boss returns on Monday. 

We cantered the few newbies which have come back in from the fields yesterday, I was hoping for more exciting pictures but they were all very well behaved, give it a few more days for the grass bloat to go down and then I am sure they will be feeling fresher. 

Talking small business' again, we have had a new one open up in our small village of Guiting Power, the Cotswold Guy has just opened his first shop and it does look very good. Probably not one I will be doing my daily shop from as I'll need a pay rise for that but a special occasion meal maybe... 

There are some lovely catering business' which have popped up over the pandemic - The Cotswold Platter is one who seems be doing well considering they launched when no one could host a party!

I celebrated 11 years in business this week, not bad considering I started it in a caravan on a racing yard. 

Yesterdays answers were

6. Esha Ness

7. Cheltenham Festival

8. The Booth ( I have not heard of this one!?)

9. Leicester

10. Nijinsky

Here are todays questions.... tomorrow's are all about Kim!

11. In the 1956 Grand National, the Queen Mother's horse, Devon Loch, appeared to jump a fence that wasn't there and ended up on it's belly. Who was the jockey?

 Dick Francis
 Pat Taaffe
 Fred Winter
 Michael Scudamore
12. In which part of the UK are the only two racecourses that are not administered or regulated by either the British Horse Racing Authority or the Jockey Club?

 Greater London
 Northern Ireland
13. Red Rum was only beaten twice in 5 Grand Nationals. Once by L'Escargot and once by which other horse?

 Well To Do
 Gay Trip
 Rag Trade
14. Which of the listed jockeys is the odd one out?

 Ruby Walsh
 Gee Armytage
 Hayley Turner
 Katie Rimmell
15. During the reign of which monarch did professional horse racing as we know it today, develop?

 Charles II
 George I
 Charles I
 Queen Anne