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7th July 2023

Plus 12 and dry when driving in.

The music could easily be heard 4 miles away.. Our horses are dancing in their stables while Panda Christie, who lives over the hill, is having to sleep with ear plugs in..2000trees might need planting to soak up the noise and we have another 36 hours of banging..

Another issue is that all those attending have and use mobile phones so our signal is now almost non existent..

I can see why the organisers hand out free tickets to is called keeping the locals on side!!

You can guess that I will not heading down there, but many of my staff will be, and on Saturday night Disco Dave could make a guest appearance on stage, dressed in his stop oil t-shirt.. At least he is unlikely to be rugby tackled!

Robert and Nicola Baillie called in mid morning to see their KBRS horses Isle Of Gold, Magical Escape and Mikhailovich.. Robert also makes and supplies all our haylage.. we discussed that too..

Talk about the ebbs and flows of a Test match.. The first day of the third Ashes Test was full of drama and intrigue..That man Mitchell Marsh can certainly hit a ball very hard indeed.. His century was special to watch, even being English.. Out just before tea and then the wickets fell..Mark Wood welcome back.. you are so quick.. Englands repsonse was faltering.. Root and Bairstow need to score runs and stay in..


Andy Murray's match was stopped last night .. Back on court today.. Needle match and playing well when the curfew called halt.

It was a cracking day for the Brits. Liam Broady beat the No 4 seed.. brilliant match to watch..Katie Boulter through as well.. this was some rally..

To finish.. Happy Birthday to Norman Carter..Enjoy your day Norman and see you next week..