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6th September 2019

Plus 12 and dry when driving in.

Lets start with the cricket.. and just say you should admire Steve Smith for his batting.. He is the worlds best and again he showed that yesterday.. A masterclass..

No masterclass to be found in Parliament..…

Imperial Aura returned to the yard early this morning.

IA has been spending the summer in Northern Ireland with Kevin Ross and has arrived having done his pre training.. He looks a monster....

John and Penny Perriss were here third lot to see their horses. John's Bobhopeornohope, Getaweapon, Illuminated Beauty, Lots Of Luck, Rosmuc Relay and Rockys Treasure and Penny’s Station Master and Wandrin Star.

Christopher Hill was also here third lot to see his KBRP horses Vinndication and Arthurs Sixpence

Karen Masters was here too to see her KBRP horses Mergeela and Does He Know.

We had a vet in the yard as usual for a Friday.

Talking vets..

James O’Gorman was in the yard yesterday afternoon vetting Archie’s racing pony. Jamie is the son of the famous East Ilsley vet Michael. Michael who has now retired was my vet for all the years I was based in that area.

Archie has grown and now too tall and too heavy for his racing pony. Sold on to allow another child into the pony racing circuit..

To celebrate Mrs B took me out last night.. Prithvi.. Fine dining and excellent service.. Smart man that Jay Rahman..A man on the move..

Mikey Hamill sent todays ditty over from Ireland where he is now based...

Dog walking..

A little goes up to her mother and asks, "Mom, may I take the dog for a walk?"

To finish.. Happy birthday to my brother in law Pete Mordaunt.. Have a good one Pete.

Her mother says, "No, honey, the dog is in heat."

The little girl asks, "What does that mean?"

The mother tells her to go ask her father.

So then the little girl goes up to her dad and says, "Mom says I can't take the dog for a walk because she's in heat."

The dad wipes the dog's backside with a rag that has gasoline on it and says, "Just take her around the block."

The little girl leaves with the dog, but comes back empty handed.

Her father asks, "What happened to the dog?!"

"She ran out of gas so another dog is pushing her the rest of the way home."