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7th October 2015

Plus 13 and dry when driving in.

David Bass was in for a couple of lots this morning. We worked most and jumped Aliandy, Dueling Banjos, Same Ole Trix, Taras Rainbow, Net Work Rouge, Gold Man, Bonne Fee and Ascotdeux Nellerie. The video of the horses working can be seen here

Ian Berry and Bill Moulding were here for a morning on the gallops followed by breakfast, while Karen Masters was here third lot to see her KBRP horses Knockanrawley and the Black Sam Bellamy filly, who is about to be named.. I cant tell you yet as it has been voted on, although I do know..

Yesterday was unbelievably wet and those hardy Women’s Institute ladies were certainly up for it. They walked up my hill in style and bugger the rain, why should rain ruin a good walk. They seemed to really enjoy their visit, meeting the horses and chatting over a cuppa after. Stoic, resilient and fun they were.. I hope I have the opportunity to entertain them again next year.. I will need to win the Gloucester Trainers Trophy again.. there are I think about 36 trainers in Gloucestershire so competition is strong.

There were many local racing faces  at last nights AP McCoy Cheltenham Literary Festival talk including Patrick Bailey who is a part owner in Laval Noir. I feel we missed interviewer Alan Lee who was ill for the evening. Supper before at Prithvi was excellent. That was put in for PB's benefit.

Ali Brown who used to play cricket for Surrey and then Nottinghamshire is now back with Surrey as a coach has asked me to mention that he is about to start cycling from Cornwall to The Oval in aid of The Tom Maynard Trust and The PCA Benevolent Fund. If you would like to support please click here.

We have a couple of runners at Ludlow today. Always a winner Ludlow and I hope I have one too. Both horses were bred by Sandra Steer Fowler and both are leased. For my thoughts on their chances please click here.

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