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8th March 2023

0 degrees, dry and a dusting of snow when driving hour later it started snowing..

Giles Wilson would have been so proud of his funeral. A strange thing to say but he obviously had a great say in the planning, which can’t have been easy.

Holcot Church held about 70 of us, full of the people Giles wanted there.

Will Spencer and a peg legged Allan Lamb, and I say peg legged because Allan had a knee op 10 days ago and as a result he was supported by a crutch.. It seems to be a rather common op!. Anyway they ushered us to our pews..

The service was somber, but extremely heart felt with an excellent and extraordinary personal eulogy from Giles's best mate Marcus Learoyd. Perfect readings from Tim Rodber, Patrick Birkbeck and Tony Hewitt.

We all left the church emotionally drained..I have never been to such a service as everybody there were either close family or had been on some sort of sporting journey with Giles and as a result we all had very peronal memories..

After the service it was back to Giles and Polly’s home for a wake/party..

Giles, as I mentioned had filled his departure with his mates and they might have met fishing or in/on other sporting trips with him and everybody talked, laughed, told stories and enjoyed the party so much so that we expected Giles to walk into the room with his customary smile and 'hello chaps' ... he was surely with us.

Giles was hugely missed, but he would have been so proud of his boys Jack and Max who at 16 and 14 were stoic. Both boys wore one of their father suits, although I have to say that one looked a tad tight!! Wow...what a day.

Times will be tough for those two boys and their mother Polly, they have lost their main team member. Luckily, they have so many friends and supporters..

Clare and I felt honoured to have been asked and included in what was a very special day..and as Michael Wills said... there was no dead wood!

Wednesday morning and now an easy day after yesterday’s work morning.

David Bass and Kate Tracey were in to ride out

Harry and David Allwood, Ben Homans and Tony Bailey should have been here for a morning on gallop with breakfast, bought at Chris Coley’s Quiz night which was raising money for the IJF... They cancelled due to weather/snow problems..

No runners today.

I see people my age out there climbing mountains and zip lining and here I'm feeling good about myself because I got my leg through my underwear without losing my balance...knee getting better!!?