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8th April 2013

07-April-2013 19:40
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Plus 2 and dry when driving in.

The Rainbow Hunter ran a tremendous race and jumped superbly to finished 2nd in Saturdays Grand National.. sadly without his jockey Aiden Coleman, who was knocked off at the canal turn!!. He loved every moment of it and hopefully he will back at Aintree next year.

The Grand National on Saturday was a great race and it went off without incident, and more importantly all the runners were fine after the race, something all in our great sport needed so badly.

All the runners made it over Beecher's, which was a first, and when that was announced in the commentary, the 76,000 racegoers roared with a approval.

The first incident came when The Rainbow Hunter's jockey Aiden Coleman parted company with him at the canal turn.

Just under 9 million people tuned into Channel 4 Racing to watch this years fantastic Grand National..

Oh how jealous the BBC must have been to seen those figures.. Which might be the reason why they had a program  yesterday to criticise the race. I am sorry but I am rapidly falling out of love with the BBC

Loosing the rights to cover the Grand National might be why the BBC have gone out of their way to find a reason to knock the race.

The Grand National was won in fine style by Sue Smith and Auroras Encore.

Yes we all remember that Sue's husband Harvey shoved two fingers to the establishment many years ago in his show jumping years; but because of that interesting gesture, Harvey has never been forgotten and has almost become a national treasure?.

The Smiths winning the race gave the race that needed bit of glamour .. perhaps thats the wrong word as Katie Walsh would have had more chance of filling that role.

The good news is that the race is now with us for another year; the RSPCA are taking all the plaudits (they will quickly forget those remarks if it goes wrong next year) for the fact that all the horses came home through 'their suggested' changes to the fences.

The sad news is that the race has lost so much of its fearsome image as the fences are now so small that we are taking the Grand National, in name only; it has become a 4 mile plus handicap chase over green fences.

What does need looking at are the two other races. The Foxhunters and the Topham; these two races are now run at such a break neck speed that it really is becoming silly. Both races in my opinion need to be extended to 3 miles.

Enough said about the Grand National bar just leave us alone and accept that what has been done is enough. NO more tinkering.

Back from a hectic three days at Aintree to the Cotswold Point to Point yesterday where I was clerk of the course. 

I was on the course at 6.30 preparing it for the days racing.

We had 48 runners, a fine and warmer day, a good crowd and like Saturday, all went home.

A footnote to todays blog is a big note to thank all at Aintree for doing such a wonderful job. The course was in fantastic condition and the team who looked after owners, trainers and general paying guests need a huge pat on the back for being so helpful, patient.. they were just hugely efficient. It really is the best meeting of the year.

To end on an amusing note please click here for the highlights of this years Cheltenham Festival.

 The Grand National winner Auroras Encore with the ''runner up'' The Rainbow Hunter!!The Rainbow Hunter all on his ownArchie Bailey standing in the Chair on Saturday before the big raceRosie Vestey with her daughter Tamara who was having her first ride in a point to pointTamara sailing over one of the fences


A good crowd around the paddock Chief Steward and local trainer Jim Wilson Judge Roger Hanks and The Wheatsheaf's Sam Pearman
Oli Murphy who was second in the members Hardly Cappa Bleu but his owner William Rucker with his daughter Katie who rode in the pony race Pony racing at speed
Kerry Maxwell my PA George Dowty with John and Fiona Disney Cotswold race secretary Gill Abbott
Cheltenham Racecourse's Director of Sponsorship Peter McNeile Alex Clark and Rob Heginbotham Healthy looking car boots
Clare with Aiden and Anabel Murphy James, Cisy and Tash Chamberlain Rob and Davina Heginbotham
Our old horse Lion On The Prowl jumping the last this side.. He won Alex Dunn with Lion and John Smith Maxwell They even allowed me into the prize giving!!
Elizabeth Kellar, Robert Bellamy and Paul Kellar Mark Tufnell and Atty Beor -Roberts Cynthia and George Dowty.. Point to Point Chairman
The Wheatsheaf's Sam Pearman who sponsored the last race Sam giving his prize to jockey Jeremy Mahot Archie and Clare Bailey
Tony Evans on the right who sponsored one of the races The Heginbothams pinic!! Chief Steward and local trainer Jim Wilson about to call time? The end of a long day

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