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8th April 2020

It was plus 8 and dry this morning.

Matt Chapman's programme last night .. I always enjoy being on his show.. I am a fan and I believe he is good for racing..I also like marmite...the more traditional one..

Wednesday is normally our work morning and although we only have two horses in training we did not work them.

Rhosneigr and Blazon are fit and just need ticking over until racing starts again.. they are both running on the flat.

My summer jumpers are out in the field where they will be for about 5/6 weeks and then we will bring them in for their summer campaign.. At least by then we will know what is happening in the world of racing.

Royal Ascot is going behind closed doors..That really will be strange. Brave but needed..Especially when you know that Wimbledon and The Open are both missing out this year. And my beloved Lord's..?

With the Kim Bailey Racing Community spirit in action...

Steve Jaggard who has shares in our KBRP horses Lord Apparelli and Chazza sent this over..

My mother in her late 70s is in the high risk category and lives 40 miles away. 

To stop her ‘popping out’ to shops or to see friends while self-isolating, we decided to pick up a new smart TV for her and to add her to our Netflix account. Our son went and installed it the day before the official lockdown.

The next morning after installation we did our normal daily facetime video call with her and she looked awful - so tired and drawn.

Worried about her, we asked if she was ok, to which she answered;

‘Yep, I’m fine, just really tired…didn’t get to bed until 3.30am..I was watching a brilliant film and wanted to see the ending.

‘So what time did you start watching it then, mum?

Around 8pm..’

‘Really, what was it called, Mum?’

Bonfire of Destiny or something..

‘Mum that wasn’t a’ve just binge-watched a whole seven and a half hour series’

Oh, did I..but it was bloody brilliant!

At least she’s staying in now...

Thanks Steve.. your horses are fine by the way..

April and we have no owner of the month..

Carol Vorderman was March's owner of the month, but with Maddie my PA recovering from suspected covid 19, and at home, we will probably miss this month... The good news is that both she and Peter Kerr, who has also not been at his best, are now much better..It takes time..

Todays non virus video nasty..