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8th April 2021

Plus 4 and dry when driving.

A bit cold to start the County cricket season?

Early start taking a 4 youngsters for an away day..I Spy A Diva, Guerlain Bellevue, Glancing Glory and The Getaway 4 year old gelding out of Charming Leader...

The first day of the three day Grand National meeting at Aintree..

Last year it did not happen as we all know so it is good to be racing there again, even though there will be no crowds, but at least six owners can attend and watch their horse perform..

A great deal has happened since the last Grand National Meeting two years ago and perhaps the saddest moment was last June when Aintree's racecourse Chairman Rose Paterson died.

Rose was a true guiding light at Aintree and the racecourse thrived under her Chairmanship..

The saddest of days yes, but today Aintree, through sponsors Randox Health, have renamed the Foxhunters to Rose Paterson Randox Foxhunters' Open Hunters' Chase in her memory.

It will be a very difficult day, and probably a proud day, for her husband Owen and their three children who have have just launched The Rose Paterson Trust.. 

As we all know the the suicide epidemic is terrifying and anything we can do to help is really so important.

Todays racing at Aintree is called Liverpools NHS Raceday in appreciation of all their hard work.

We don't have any runners there today, but we do one this evening at Chelmsford.. Adjourned runs there and for my thoughts please click here.

Aintree.....Todays titbits..

Outside drinking laws from April 12th

You can go inside the pub to get outside then sit inside a covered area, as long as it is outside.

You can go inside to the toilet, but can't go to the toilet outside.’

You can go inside to pay, but must stay outside to drink.

If it rains you can sit inside the covered area, but only if it outside

If you decide to go home, you go inside the pub to get outside to walk home to be inside again.

You can walk past the bar to go to the toilet inside, but must not carry a pint back outside.. This is only safe if done by the bar staff.

Only bar staff can take a drink outside to you while you are inside the outside covered area.

You can sit on the floor outside at the park or the beach and get coffee or food from a stand outside. However you must sit and be served at a table if you are inside a pub area, even if it is outside

You can sit with 6 people unless you have a big family, then you can suit with as many as you like.

A meal no longer protects you while drinking and the virus no longer comes out after 10pm, but only if you are outside.

We hope this makes it clear.. We look forward to seeing you..

Todays non virus video nasty..