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8th April 2023

Plus 3 and a wonderfully sunny at Thorndale!

David Bass and Ciaran Gething were in to ride our..

Paul Gorung was in to see his horse The Kemble Brewery.

Stuart and Lucy Ballantyne came in to see their KBRS horses Isle of Gold, Mikhailovich and The Kemble Brewery. 

Good to have a few visitors yesterday.

Mikey Elliot and James Cheatham came along late morning for a mocca cocktail in Costa.

Mikey being the farmer picked half a dozen daffodils to brighten up my bed side table while James brought a fine bottle of red wine from Haynes Hanson and Clark and a Montecristo and cutter.

The former is certainly currently banned and the latter if smoked would have me tripping.. I assume it is to be kept in store at home for when he visits me when I return from my enforced holiday?

Late afternoon David Manley called by and this time my cocktail was much more old fashioned.. lucazade.

Manley brought chocolates laced with alcohol, grapes and one of his original playboy magazines…. Not hugely sure my lovely nurses would approve?

Anyway on that happy note we do not have any runners today, but we do have two at Ffos Las tomorrow ie on Sunday .. without being rude who would want to travel that far on an immensely religious and important family orientated Easter Sunday?

Hard to believe the going will be heavy and soft in places as promsed by the clerk of the course Dai Jones especially after a dry week and sunshine.... Long way to be wrong Dai!!

We run Galante De Romay and Equus Dreamer and for my thoughts please click here.

Have a great Easter weekend all of you BBQ weather tomorrow so enjoy. And all being well I will see you on Monday.

No this is not David Bass show jumping