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7th May 2022

Plus 9 and dry when driving in.


Yes Gerard Mentor gave us our first winner of the 2022/2023 season when he got up at Market Rasen yesterday.

Kevin Brogan who was last seasons champion conditional jockey was the rider and his instructions from me were that 'you are meant to be good .. now prove it by doing what David Bass has not.. Hold him up as long as you dare and put his nose in front on the line..'

Kevin did all that, but there was nearly a mishap when jumping the last Kevin landed more weight on one side of the saddle than the other and it started to slip round…. A slipping saddle and riding a finish are not two things that don't go well together..

Anyway KB managed to hold on and win, and 40 yards past the post the saddle slipped right around and he fell off.. The good news no damage done, bar a bit of pride and he had passed the post with all his tackle in tack!

A great ride from Kevin (and first for us) and a welcome winner for John and Laura Garrett, Gwen Meacham and Peter and Fiona Woodhall.

Saturday morning and our new stable jockey KB was here with DB..!

We started turning out horses this morning.. happy faces .. bags packed and off to Spain!!

No visitors today...

We have two runners today and two tomorrow.

Shantou Express heads to Haydock and Shinobi heads to Warwick tonight.

Tomorrow Peaked Too Soon and Charming Getaway head to Ludlow.. For my thoughts on all please click here.

A waitress says to the man ordering food.

'I have stewed kidneys, boiled tongue, calf brains and pigs feet.'

The man says..

'Don't tell me your troubles sister! Just gimme a cup of coffee and a ham sandwich..'

To finish.. Good luck to Laura Collett and many of the great ladies who help us with out horses.. Many are performing at Badmington.. Laura currently is leading after the dressage