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8th June 2019

Plus 9 and pouring with rain when driving in.

David Bass was in this morning.. he has declined a lift with me to Perth… Probably because I am driving, along with Leigh tomorrows runner Cresswell Legend..

We jumped Sunblazer, Mergeela, Thibault, Cresswell Legend and Masteen

Iain and Angie Bell were here mid morning to see their KBRP horse Lord Apparelli.. They were lucky as their horse is currently in the yard with a bruised and pus in one of his feet .. They wont be getting wet walking around the fields…

Talking wet the poor horses are not enjoying this wet spell.. Needed yes, but not if you are on holiday?

Yes Clare and I are back from sunny Ibiza.

We stayed in an apartment owned by one of Archie’s mates Jame's Mum.. Fiona Shaw’s apartment was very comfortable and ideally situated for heading into the night (flesh) spots of Ibiza town or for heading other ways.. i.e. to the numerous beach bars.. We arrived home yesterday afternoon to rain.. yes.. rain.

Relaxing is something I am not too good at, but I settled down to read two must read books..

The first book I read was actually given to David Bass by Kevin Clancy.. Only problem was that I insisted that I read it first. Dangerous Hero by Tom Bower.. The other book was War Doctor by David Nott. Two very different men.. you need to read both to appreciate..Frightening stuff..

We also had the luxury of a TV so I was able to watch all the 75th D-Day coverage on BBC.

Tear jerking and emotional to watch. Brilliantly done and those wonder 90 years old.. so proud and so strong. Yes we should appreciate what they have done for us and the legacy they have left….

They must wonder what they fought for looking at the current mess we are in?

Modern technology meant that I was able to watch Blazon’s race at Kempton.. I wish I hadn’t.. screaming at my phone screen for the jockeys to wake up did not help.. Talk about getting it wrong.. All the jockeys, bar two, were made to look fools.. misjudged race and all bar the two were caught out by leaving their mounts with far too much to do.. Blazon finished 4th.

Last night Clare and I had supper at Archie’s school . A parents get together and a chance to listen to an inspirational talk from the remarkable Joe Robinson.. Joe has just completed the Marathon des Sables.. This is his story..

I mentioned earlier that I am heading to Perth. We run Cresswell Legend there tomorrow in the Sam Morshead Perth Gold Cup.. A race I would so like to win..For my thoughts on his chances please click here.

Have a great weekend and see you on Monday.