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10th July 2017

Plus 11 and dry when driving in.

What a great contest the Rugby was.. level pegging at 15 all and The Lions must be thrilled .. not winning but not losing, two emotions, but better not to lose.. a dead heat?

The All Blacks really lost as they should have won.. Owen Farrell's kicking made the difference and Captain Sam Warburton was magnificent..

Annoyingly I watched the first half and then jumped into the car to head to Archie’s sports day only to be unable to find any radio station that broadcasted it. Was it me or was it not on? Either way it was annoying as although I recorded it, I was not able to escape hearing the result.

Joe Root must be a happy man after leading his team to a wide margin victory at Lords.. South Africa were hammered..

Mat back from a heavy weekend in Ireland having attended Mr and Mrs Charles Greene's wedding.

More horses coming back in today.. we are bringing in..Bandon Roc, Braw Angus, Derrintogher Bliss, Dusty Pearl, Gallery Exhibition, Harry Topper, Involve, Kayf Tara/Seemaye, Knockanrawley, Milord, Mon Palois, Robin The Raven and Vinndication.

We have one runner today at Worcester. Sonneofpresenting runs in the 2.30 and for my thoughts on his chances please click here..

A silly joke for you.. Sent over by Ian Sheffield..

In Jamaica you can get a steak and kidney pie for £1.75, a chicken and mushroom pie for £1.60 and an apple pie for £2.15.

In St Kitts and Nevis a steak and kidney pie will cost you £2, a chicken pie (without mushrooms) is £1.70 and a cherry pie can be yours for £1.95.

In Trinidad and Tobago, that steak and kidney pie comes in at £2.50, but you can two for £3.50, while the chicken and mushroom pie is £2.25, or two for £3.25.

They also offer meat and potato pie for £2, or two for £3. Their apple pies and cherry pies are often sold for £2.75, or two for £5

And those ......Are the Pie Rates of the Caribbean

Not sure Worcester racecourse do a pie?