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8th July 2023

Plus 18 and dry when driving ..

Thunderstorms later which will be good news for revellers at the 2000tree festival?..

To give you some idea how close the Festival is to us.. They are using my round sand gallop field as a car park.

Archie and a couple of his mates went yesterday, but it was not long before Mat recieved a call from Archie asking if he could pick them up and drop them off at The Royal Oak.... I leave it to your imagination as to why..

The Third Test match saved by Ben Stokes again. Finely poised going into day 3.


All three male Brits are out..

Andy Murray beaten.. Liam Broady and Cameron Norrie..

Katie Boulter still there.

British Grand Prix weekend.. Silverstone..

David Bass and Ciaran Gething were in to ride out this morning..

Guy Faber emailed me to say..

'Having been a regular reader of your blog for a few years I have decided to explore the possibility of being part of a small syndicate at Thorndale - hence my meeting yesterday with Peter Kerr

I am a largely retired lawyer based in Oxford and now spend most of my time writing speeches

I know you like your cricket so you might be interested to know I wrote a speech for Pat Cummins' wedding in Australia last year.  Of course I realise that the mere mention of the name Pat Cummins probably eliminates any chance I might have had of one day being asked onto your excellent Owner of the Month page.

Having generally owned all four legs I'm now looking for a shared and less financially ruinous experience with a few like-minded NH enthusiasts. The aim is to find a quality youngster who will win a couple of bumpers and then progress through the ranks to win the Champion Hurdle and the Gold Cup followed by the National.  Well that’s the ultimate dream??''

If anyone is interested in joining Guy in a small syndicate of 4 then please do get in touch with Peter on 07901763643 or email on

Have a great weekend.. A sporting one with so much on. See you bright an early on Monday..