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7th September 2016

Plus 16 and dry when driving in.

Driving to our local garage every morning for the papers is a habit but today I arrived to find that their supply of Racing Posts had all been sold (3 copies) by 5.45... an annoying way to start the day.

This expensive paper sadly is part of our day, so who I ask is new into the area that might have bought those copies. Neither Mat or I have one today..

Jockeys Richie McLernon and David Bass (probably too mean to buy one!) were in this morning and the first day of going upsides for many of the horses. Work load increases today.. A video can be seen here

Yesterdays Thanksgiving Service for Richard Wilson was packed.. Standing room only in the most stunning of Churches. A wonderful service and many facinating tributes to a great man. Many from racing including Steve Jaggard, Richard's racing partner.

Why is it that you only really realise how great a man they were when they have gone?

I knew much about Richard, but my knowledge of him only scrapped the surface. Richard did so much and being a meticulous man his life was well documented. Habits were part of his life and his love for racing was unbounded.

He would have loved it that I bought a horse on the phone while sitting in the car park outside the Church.. just minutes before the service started.

Yes Oliver Murphy, son of Aiden, was on the other end and we bought lot 139 Biscuit, for the Maggie’s Charity Racing Partnership...Racing For Maggies.. They now have their two horses; Another Venture and Biscuit..

Racing For Maggies is being run by Atty Boer Roberts and Henry Kimball.

I am sure those involved will have fun with these two horses and raise plenty of cash for this wonderful charity..

There are still shares available if you fancy having fun and supporting such a great charity at the same time. Please give Henry Kimball a call on.07979 522744 or email Henry on.

I am heading to Uttoxeter later. We run Policy Breach and Jimmy The Jetplane and for my thoughts on their respective chances please click here.

John Cootes is obviously enjoy my loo unblocking moments..

Toilet sayings:

Gentleman, please stand closer, it's shorter than you think

No job is finished until the paper work is done

We aim to please ... You aim too; please!

It doesn't matter how long you stay, just flush before you go away

Ladies, please stay seated for the whole performance

I aim to keep the bathroom clean. Your aim will help.

This is a do-it-yourself bathroom. No maid service available