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8th December 2023

Plus 6 and dry when driving in. That was very wet yesterday afternoon. 10mm.

Dear Lady Gwen probably ran the best race since she arrived here. She finished 3rd beaten about 3 lengths on ground that was also too soft for her. She is such a toughie and just loves racing. Certainly no disgrace and she won enough money to be in front for the day!

Sadly no money will be won today as racing at Exeter has been washed away. Not surprising.. Daniel Cooper the clerk of the course at Exeter and Wincanton has two consecutive days of Christmas shopping as both of his meetings failed the water test.

Talking the water test..This wet weather is making finding suitable races for some horses very difficult.. Can you recall that this time last year they were still watering most racecourses and were right into this year.

Sense prevailed as Gavin Sheehan has won his appeal for stopping, or rather not stopping a horse at Huntingdon…. I watched the video and frankly the right decision has been made..

We took Bare Assets, Mot Pour Mot, Killigarth and Lady Of The Night for an away day..

We have a vet visit as usual for a Friday.

Cheltenham are offering a chance to win a limited edition 15 Year Old bottle of Glenfarclas.. Celebrating 15 years of Glenfarclas sponsorship of their X Country race.. click here to enter....I am sure you will be hearing from them..Well I hope I do..

Christmas was fast approaching, and Santa was in a world of hurt. Toy production was behind schedule, and the Elf union was threatening a strike.

Mrs. Santa had washed his Santa suit with the lists of which children had been naughty and which had been nice in the pocket. Two of the reindeer were down with hoof and mouth, and he had just gotten an "extended warranty" call about his sleigh.

There was a knock on the door. Santa grumbled "Now what?" and answered the door.

There was an Angel holding a beautiful tree. "Hello, Santa. I'm the Christmas Tree Angel and I have brought you this tree. Where would you like me to put it?"

That is why we traditionally have an Angel on top of our Christmas Trees.

With no racing today at least you can have a laugh from this clip sent over by Ron Wadey..