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14th July 2016

Plus 12 and sunny when driving in.

Busy is good as TNDGB always says and we are just that.

John and Penny Perriss's horses, Champagne to Go, Dueling Banjos, Milan Express, Rocky's Treasure, Queer Times, Thedrinkymeister, Sugar Loaf Sholto return today along with Our Belle Amie. Mat and Leigh headed off to pick them up mid morning.

Rumour has it that Peter Bowen will be around in the yard  sometime today. Peter is keen to look at our barns..He believes we have excellent ventilation and before he builds he is keen to see what we have..complimentary?

We have no runners today and none until the weekend.

We have a new Prime Minister.. all change..Time will tell that David Cameron was a great one..

John Cootes sent this over saying the old ones are the best ..

Man at JFK parks his Ford Pick-Up beside a fabulous looking girl parking her Ford Pick-Up.

On the flight to LHR he is seated next to her, so they have a chat after dinner and the brandies;

He asks her what she was doing in New York;

'I am the UK secretary of the International Nymphomaniac Society'

He - very interested - " And what were you there for?'

She -'We were trying to find the origins of the sexiest men in the world'.

He - 'And what was your conclusion?'

She - ' We are not sure, it is between the Scots and the Red Indians - by the way, I never got your name'

He - 'Tonto McPherson'

To finish.. Happy Birthday to Keith Ellis