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15th July 2016

Plus 11 and sunny when driving in.

Well John and Penny Perriss's horses are all here and happily ensconced in their stables as is another new arrival in Michael and Gerry Worcester's Coco des Champs.

Norman Carter was here first lot to see his horses Rhianna, Sunblazer, Milord and Silver Eagle.

Tom Bellamy was in for a few lots this morning.

Road work has started and first lot head down the roads to Withington and on up the hill out of the village and then back to Thorndale through the woods .. This we do for 3 weeks before starting cantering . We always have a car in front of the string just in case somebody feels like not slowing down .. That slogan that you should slow down for horses is important.

We have no runners today but we have Such a Legend running at Market Rasen tomorrow and then Policy Breach, Kilty Caul and Vital Evidence running at Stratford on Sunday.  For my thoughts please click here.

Peter and Karen Bowen and Tim Vaughan called in last night to see around the yard.. Sadly they are not sending me any horses... Yet!

Clare, Archie and I are away this weekend.

Another from John Cootes

In the Northern Highlands, an impatient farmer knocked at the door of neighboring farmhouse. The daughter of the house answered.

" Is your father in ? " asked the neighbour.

" No. " said the daughter. " He's at the Inverness farmers market. If it's the services of the red Ayrshire bull you want, the cost is £300 "

No it's not that" said the neighbour.

" Well. " said the daughter. " If it's the Galloway belted bull you want, it's £200"

No, it's not that. " said the neighbour.

" How about the small Highland bull." said the daughter.

" The service of that bull is only £100"

The neighbour rudely interrupted the daughter. " That's not what I've come about. Your brother Sandy has made my daughter Fiona pregnant. My wife and I want to know what your father proposes to do about it."

" Oh, well." said the daughter. " You'll have to see my father yourself. I don't know what he charges for Sandy."