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9th July 2019

Plus 14 and dry when driving in.

Worcester. Well there has been no improvement since my last visit!

The owners and trainers shack is still there and still undermanned so buying my owners a drink took time, but at least you might have lost some weight while waiting to be served in the heat and stuffiness of the room.

Pleased to get outside and fresh air.

The course was recently flooded and that determined the ground; although the official going description was good and good to firm in places it did not do the course description justice.

It was, in the jockeys opinion, good to firm along the back straight where the flood water did not cover, but the bend and turn  into the home straight the ground was soft and almost heavy and it became a mixture of soft and good and good to firm up to the winning line.. beyond was again good to firm.

There were plenty of non runners.

This was not an excuse for Mergeela to run so badly.. She will now probably head home to Ireland as she is a leased horse

Inca Rose returned from his holiday with Nicholas and Cherry Jones looking big and well..

This is a huge week of sport and entertainment.

Racing (July week in Newmarket) Wimbledon, Cricket, British Grand Prix and locally we have the 2000tree festival starting on Thursday.

This ever growing festival is now so big that they now use the field we have our sand gallop in as an overflow car park..

Alastair Down wrote a brilliant tribute to his friend John McCririck in yesterdays Racing Post. Click here to read.

We welcome two new members of staff..Katie Stubbs and Ellen Gilpin.

Amazon products sell better when they have a good review and this one made the product sell, and raise the price..for a pink vibrator..

‘Having read everyone’s reviews, i had high expectations, but with the price being under 50 dollars, i wasn’t exactly going to be shocked if it was mediocre.

A few friends of mine bought it recently, and told me of its power. ‘I was warned to take the day off, hydrate, and above all do some stretches.

I thought they were being such drama queens. It was delivered within 2 days of ordering, so it’s already off to a good start.

Opening the very discreet box, instructions say 2.5 hour charge time.

Not too bad, i plug this lil bad boy in.

‘While the kids are at school waiting for it to charge, killing time reading some erotica my friend and fellow queenie, recommended because i don’t have time to screw around waiting to get into “the mood”. ‘I have to get the kids in a few hours and i need to be ready to go when this thing is done charging.

Tik tok b!tch, tik tok welcome to motherhood. “Patiently waiting” me is checking to see if the light has stopped blinking every 10 minutes like a crackhead waiting for his dealer.

After only and hour and a half, solid pink light.

‘Game on.

Click here to read the rest of the review.

After only and hour and a half, solid pink light. ‘Game on.

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