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9th September 2023

Plus 16 and dry when driving in... Hot and thunderstorms around.. Be warned!!

David Bass and Ciaran Gethings were in to ride out.

The start of a very busy weekend.

Firstly all roads around here will be blocked off while Stage 7 of the Tour of Britain passes..

Hardly the glamour of the Tour De France but I am sure those riding their bikes will approve and appreciate the local council's efforts of filling in all the pot holes and re whiting the roads markings....

It also means that those who are in the area for the opening day of National Racehorse Week will be kept on their toes.. I hope all have air con in their cars?

Yes we open at 1pm.. and all I can say it will be relaxed and very casual.. Hopefully fun and Mat and I will be answering questions while Peter will be discussing the delights of racehorse ownership.

Tomorrow is our Owners Open day (and John Perriss's and Sandie Wilkinson's birthdays) and those who have been before will know that I no longer parade the horses as frankly we have had too many near misses and I do not fancy being the first trainer to report a major injury when or if a horse managed to get loose and charge through the crowds of owners..Play safe..

I watched the Cricket.. New Zealand on a roll and frankly showed us up..They thrashed us..

I went over to watch the first two set of Djokovic beat his US rival and then Medvedev beat Alcaraz 

Switched to watch the second half of the World Cup Rugby.. France hammered the All Blacks!

US Open ladies final later today.. Gauff takes on Sabalenka

England play Argentina tonight in their first round of the Rugby World Cup..

Last day of B&W...some will be pleased..

This happened in Canada..

To finish.. I forgot to mention that it was Hunter Smith's 70th Birthday yesterday.. I hope Harry Bailey sent a message to his future father in law to wish him a happy one..

Have a good weekend and see you on Monday..