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11th February 2021

Minus 5 and dry when driving in.

Another bitterly cold night.. Thankfully no snow.

After Archie had finished yet another session of home schooling yesterday afternoon, and with the evenings gradually drawing out, he was able to do a bit of show jumping on his horse Cresswell Legend..

CL has retired from racing and his owner Virginia Johnson very kindly gave Archie her much loved horse.. He has a new life away from racing and one he seems to really enjoy..

Another day of no jump racing although there is an all-weather jumpers for bumpers card at Kempton to replace the frozen off grass cards... we don’t have any runners..

Thursday is our easy day although we will not be able to head off round the farm or canter on the grass as it is predictably frozen solid..

Thankfully our gallop is fine, after a session with the power harrow, although plenty locally are struggling..Laura Collett, amongst others, was over to use ours this morning.

The Racing Post like many racing columns is struggling to find topics to write about..

I am too

So on that not I am going to pass on some good news and that is Gloucestershire is so far ahead of most other counties with their covid jabs that they are now starting on the over 50s..

The good news is that I now qualify.. so later today I will be presenting my left arm to (hopefully my old friend Doctor John Disney aka Tintin) for my covid injection at the NHS North Cotswold

As yet I am not sure which variety of cocktail will be entering my arm but I shall just be very thankful to receive whichever one they decide to give me.. frankly it is not like asking for a Martini.. Vodka or Gin sir..

Maddie suggested that I posted this..

A group of primary school infants go on a trip to Cheltenham races to learn about horses.
When it's time to take the children to the toilet it is decided that the girls will go with one teacher and the boys with the other.
The teacher assigned to the boys is waiting outside when one of the boys comes out to tell her that none of them can reach the urinal.
Having no choice, she goes inside and helps the boys with their pants and begins hoisting the boys up one by one holding their willies to direct the flow.
As she lifts one boy she can't help but notice that he is unusually well endowed. Trying not to stare she says "You must be in sixth class".
"No love" he replies, "I'm riding Hard Fashion in the 2.15!'