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10th June 2022

Plus 12 and dry when driving in.

EHV or equine herpes has been found in the local yard of Dr Richard Newland.. Based on Worcestershire and although not that close we have to be careful as we had runners at meetings that Richard did last week.. although not in the same races..

My horses that ran there are in isolation and being watched as a precaution. …. It is highly unlikely that we will see a spread, but you have to be careful..Apparently the original case came over from Ireland.

The BHA have changed their mind over knocking 300 races off next years racing calendar.. I am not sure they are correct as frankly looking at the current field sizes it would look to be a good idea. Aintree tonight there are only 30 runners in 7 races..

Racing this summer really has not been as competitive as usual and there has to be a reason.. Ground and the lack of rain was a big issue late March, April and May and I know we had had rain recently, but those horses who waited for good ground in early May have now gone out to grass.. I also feel that a great many trainers have fallen out of love with summer jump racing..

Perhaps it is the chance to change the seasons..

Basically our sport is cannon fodder for bookmakers who want racing to hit their betting shop TV screens every 12 minutes and they have been driving the number of races upwards.. Racecourses own their fixtures and they also want to keep racing, but at the moment there does not seem to be the horse population to drive the sport for 12 months of the year.

Last night Uttoxeter had to abandon their last two races.. This time it was not because of the state of the ground, but horse welfare..

The Goffs sales finished yesterday..   What a sale..

I am off to France today to look at horses tomorrow.. Rather than take the plane I am taking the ferry.. I hope it is the right call..

Not sure my ferry will be like this..