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10th July 2019

Plus 17 and dry when driving in. Muggy..

David Bass was in this morning. We jumped Arthurs Sixpence who is due to run at Stratford on Sunday.

Paul and Elizabeth Kellar were here third lot to see Elizabeth's horse Mon Palois

Yesterday the first batch of five horses broken in by Martin Jones and his team arrived at Thorndale and were immediately turned out to grass for their summer holidays.

All 5, who are all 3 year old geldings arrived with Martin straight from their respective sales to be broken in, and now that has been done it is time for them to have a break.

They will now have about 6 weeks out at grass before they come here for proper training and being turned into racehorses…

The five gelding are the Sageburg (IRE) x Slevoy Ahoy , the Valirann (FR) x Broken Though, the Schiaparelli (GER) x La Harde (FR), the  Schiaparelli (GER) x Bisaat (USA) and Phil and Gill Andrews’s Noroit (GER) x Visiorienne (FR)

The others that Martin is currently breaking in are now all ridden and cantering and will be here in a couple of weeks time.

Martin and his team really do a fine job on these horses and now he next part of their lives is up to me!

Yesterdays World Cup semi finals between New Zealand and India was abandoned half way through the match due to rain and they will return to Old Trafford today to finish the match.. India must be odds on to reach the finals.. they will play the result of tomorrows game between England and Australia..

Sad to read that Lucy Horner has died.. too young.

We have a runner on the all weather at Kempton tonight. Blazon heads there and for my thoughts please click here.

I read this in yesterdays paper..

The English Heritage magazine reports that Lilian Lindsay, Britain’s first female dentist, is to be honoured, aptly, with a plaque at her former surgery in Bloomsbury.

It is her second plaque. The first, on her former home in Islington, was destroyed. Probably by a hygienist.

Talking dentist I am seeing mine late this afternoon for an hour....I fear I might be dribbling after!