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10th August 2021

Plus 13 and dry when driving in.

Good to have Ajero back in the yard.

Ajero, who had a cracking season last winter has been with Jason Maguire doing his pre training on his water treadmill for the last few weeks and is now ready to start cantering.

Graham Potts was in this morning as usual for his Tuesday visit..

There are unlikely to be any movers or shakers in this weeks BHA handicap charts as we have had no jump racing. Blazon went down 1 to 64 for his run at Chelmsford last week.

Good news on the Otto front as he was allowed home last night.

The miracles of modern medicine.. a week in ICU and then in HDU for a couple of days and then home.. Faboulous news for my daughter Pandora and her husband James.. All in all a huge relief..Now for the sleeples nights!.. Yes I remember those!!

A record innings at Edgbaston in the Hundred last night by the Birmingham Phoenix to beat The Welsh Fire...

Here is an actual sign posted at a golf club in Scotland UK..

1. Back Straight, Knees Bent, Feet Shoulder Width Apart.

2. Form A Loose Grip.

3. Keep Your Head Down!

4. Avoid A Quick Back Swing

5. Stay Out Of The Water.

6. Try Not To Hit Anyone.

7. If You Are Taking Too Long, Let Others Go Ahead Of You.

8. Don't Stand Directly In Front Of Others.

9. Quiet Please...While Others Are Preparing.

10.Don't Take Extra Strokes.

Well Done. Now, Flush The Urinal, Go Outside, And Tee Off.