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9th August 2022

Plus 10 and dry when driving in.

A heat health warning in place today.. until Saturday..

It was certainly warm at Kempton and there were more folk there for a mid week all weather card than I expected to see.. Blazon’s race was run at all sorts of speeds. Slow, fast, slow and fast.. Impossible to collect any sort of rhythm.. Not ideal.

Graham Potts our vet is on holiday.. There will be no movers or shakers in this weeks handicap charts as there has been no jump racing.

Harry Dunlop is giving up.. Another trainer who is finding the numbers don’t stack up.. Joe Tuite last week and who next? Sadly there will be others.. Two good trainers..

All our costs have rocketed over the last year and they are still going up.. Hence training fees have to go up too.. But there is a limit as to how much as racing is a hobby for most owners..Important to keep smiling and hope racing as a sport will help.. Prize money!!

There are some good stories and one is the Sunday series.. Yes a flat racing venture but one that has excellent reports and support..High Stakes: The story of the Sunday Series

The Commonwealth Games ended last night with an excellent final curtain call.. It has been a brilliant 10 days of sport and well hosted by Birmingham..Harry Bailey boarded a Qantas flight back to Sydney last night which was full of Aussie perfomers.

Yesterday was a good day for the BBC to remove yet another sporting institution..The Classified Football results on the radio have been scrapped..

Olivia Newton-John has died.. we all loved her and her music.. up beat and fun.. She showed us all how to laugh, smile and enjoy life... Listen and remember..