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10th August 2023

Plus 15 and dry when driving in...

Our postman burst into the office yesterday full of the joys of summer...dressed in his shorts he said he was going to make the most of summer and smile and be happy while it lasts, as it is going to rain again on Saturday..

God pity the poor farmers.. Crops looked over tired and when cut the corn needs drying.. electricity costs!.. Straw will be a premium.. and so it goes on..

Mat is having a jolly today with Nick Cook on an outing to Shade Oak Stud.. Mat will meet one of his favourite stallions in Telescope.. sire of I Spy A Diva..

The flat jockeys are up in arms about the BHA decision not reinstate saunas.

Difficult call as saunas have been out as a result of covid and the 2lb weight allowance which came me in after Covid has gone too, so somehow the flat boys needs to keep their weight down.. Jump jockeys are better off for obvious reason, but some of the heavier flat jockeys can be seen driving cars dressed in sweat suit with the heater on at fall blast, trying to lose a pound or two.. not healthy?.. Healthy diet..

I did a 45 minute Ipsos mori survey on racing and all things  Jockey Club yesterday..We touched on  Betting..Gambling.. 

John Purvis is quoted as saying..

With some justification the Jockey Club has been descirbed as ' the purest example of the 18th century to survive in Britain'