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10th November 2023

Plus 6 and raining when driving in..

I was meant to be at the Van Hagen Art exhibition at The Queens Hotel last night but my brother in law Michael called in and delayed me!

We have our usual Friday vet visit

The Ratcliffe family called in late morning to see David's KBRS horses Parc d’Amour and Isle Of Gold.. So sad..

We have two runners today at Exeter where 'Low sun could result in obstacle omission at this fixture'... Hard to believe when it has been pouring here..

Anyway we hope to run Law Of Supply and Broomfield Present  there and for my thoughts please click here.

Everytime I go to the post office in Andoversford I always buy a caramac... Looks like no more!

Very sad to see that Charles Nugent has died aged 61....Far too young..

Charles was 'top man and a true gent'..Loved his racing and I always enjoyed my banter with him at Bangor and Aintree..

I used to see a great deal of Charles in my Lambourn days.. His mother used to own all the gallops there untill the JC bought them..

Deepest condolences to his wife Louise and sons Hugh (jockey) Jamie and daughter Zoe....

Afganistan play South Africa today.. World Cup Cricket..

Paddy drags a huge box to the Antiques Roadshow in Dublin.

‘Where did you get this?’ asks the expert.
‘It’s been in me loft for 40 years, to be sure’ replies Paddy, ‘and I tink it must be some koind of family heirloom.’
‘I see,’ says the expert. ‘Tell me, do you have insurance?’
‘No,’ replies Paddy. ‘Do yus think I shud?’
‘Yeah,’ replies the expert. ‘It’s your water tank