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11th May 2019

Plus 7 and damp when driving in.

The day started with Mat Nicholls and David Bass here. Both were with Ed Cookson's last night for supper..

Ed’s last supper as a single man..

Today is the big local wedding as Ed marries Mary Vestey this afternoon at The Church of St Peters and St Pauls in Northleach and both Mat and David are ushers.. David is so honoured that he is foregoing all his booked rides to help look after his mate.

Black tie last night and morning suits today. They will look very dapper..

Before all that David was in to ride work and jump a couple of horses this morning. We jumped Miss Gemstone, Thibault, Masteen and Illuminated Beauty.

We have one runner today at Warwick Silver Kayf and one tomorrow at Ludlow in Miss Gemstone and for my thoughts on their respective chances please click here.

I had an unsuccessful afternoon fishing on the Wye. Fun, peaceful and no mobile reception. One was caught on our Bigsweir  beat..A 12lb fresh salmon. They are all catch and release.. Catching is never easy and I am still a Wye virgin!

We have Bryan and Iseult Murphy staying.. We are all going to Ed and Mary's wedding..I expect to witness Disco Dave on the drums later!?

Australians over for the wedding. Tony and Robyn Deddison and daughter Daisy are staying at Thorndale and visited the yard.. They have horse in training with David Hayes in Australia

Overheard yesterday......'Congratulations my boy!' said the groom's uncle. 'I'm sure you'll look back and remember today as the happiest day of your life.'

'But I'm not getting married until tomorrow.' Protested his nephew.

''I know,' replied the uncle, 'that's exactly what I mean.

The wedding photographer...