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11th May 2023

Plus 7 and dry when driving in.

More flood warnings than April showers? Some very heavy rain fell here yesterday, but 5 miles away they did not get have any..

This time last year we did not see much green, now we are just a bright green and loads of grass..

Some areas in the South West have had torrential rain resulting in flash floods .. places that have never had floods before..

We dread hours of heavy rain not for flooding, as frankly if we flood then most of country would be under water, but keeping the hill gallop.. I have lost one gallop in my time and the thought of losing another is a horrid thought..

Most modern hill gallops have a porous tarmac as a base.. important to make sure the only water that lands on it comes from the sky not from the nearby fields.. planning is important when building gallops.

Talking gallops..

The sand is all down on the reburbished round gallop now it is just a case of levelling and preparing it for us to start using..Also they are doing some touch up work on the bottom of the hill gallop..

Starvoski left the yard this week to meet her man.. She is off to Overbury Stud to meet Jack Hobbs.. 

Jack Hobbs's oldest horses running are now 4 and he is starting to have winners.. I believe he is a sire to follow.

I wonder if we will keep Picks Lads race at Taunton? 

The hearing takes place by zoom this morning.. David Bass is talking  and arguing his case to keep the race.. It should make more interestingwatching than some of Netflix offerings I tried to watch when bored in hospital.... The result will appear here later..

We have a runner at Huntingdon later.. Parc d’Amour heads there and for my thoughts please click here.

Good to see Mike Evans here this morning.. Mike walked up on such a lovely morning.. Mike owns and runs Royal Shipton Golf Course with his son Tarren.

Linda emailed after reading Tim’s email and asked if I knew why. Rooks build their nests high in the tree's.. Another old country weather tale? .. I did not know this one...Here is the answer..

Any others of old farmers weather predictions of note?