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11th June 2019

Plus 9, wet and blowing an absolute gale this morning!

Luckily for our staff, we do not have a full string of horses to be ridden out so they will not have to endure it for long this morning!

As Kim mentioned yesterday, he is away in Ireland today at the Goffs Landrover Sale, I do hope his plane journey was not too bad, but I am confident that he will get over the rocky journey with a few purchases.

This time next week will be the start of Royal Ascot, I have never been myself as I am not a huge follower of flat racing but, I have heard most of the National Hunt community turn out in force but only seem to make it as far as the car park, where the picnics and parties are.

I have to say how amazed I am at Kim producing read worthy content everyday in the blog. Sat here myself this morning I do struggle to know what to write. It's not as if you avid readers just want to read "The horses are out on their summer holidays", he seems to always find good content to entertain with. 

Yesterday we had a special birthday guest visiting the yard to see their horses. Birthday Girl Sue Stanley, John Stanley along with friends Brian and Lynda Cognet were here and Peter Kerr delivered the cake and candles, I was slightly slow off the mark and did not get the champers on ice, apologies Sue!

We have one mover in the Handicap charts and that's Blazon down 1 to 69 on the flat.

My joke for today.....

3 blonde girls are on an isalnd and they are much to far away from land to swim, they find a genie on the island who offers them each 1 wish the first girl says “I wish I was smart enough to get off this island” so the genie makes her a redheaded girl, she cuts down a tree, makes it into a boat, and proceeds to row off the island.

The next girl says “I wish I was even smarter then her so I don’t have to do so much manual labor” so she turns into a brunett and makes a sail boat and lets the wind take her off the island.

The finale girl says “I wish I was smarter then both of them!” So she turns into a man and takes the bridge