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11th July 2023

Plus 15 and dry when driving in. Rain overnight

Graham Potts our vet was in this morning and one of the many things he will be doing is having a good look over the horses that came in from the fields yesterday. Flu Jabs done and worming later..

We have no movers or shakers in the BHA charts this week as we had no runners last week.

Invitations for our owners open day on September 10 head out today so if you have missed out please let me know.. We are also holding a public open day on the day before (September 9) alongside and in conjunction with the National Racehorse Week..

I am holding my breath this morning in the hope that Sky will put in the right system at home..Sky Q, not Sky Glass.. promises, promises?

John Cootes who won this years 5 to follow competition is calling in this evening. John is on his way down to Pembrokeshire..He is stopping over in Cheltenham.. He lives in Essex.

Not sure you will be able to read this but it amused me..Biden Arrives in the UK..

Rehab for humans.. Archie had his first of many sessions in the local ECB Cold Spa yesterday..

Mrs B was away last night staying with Polly Wilson so Archie and I headed to Cheltenham for supper..

Overheard on the table next door..

We don’t eat eggs, meat, fish, dairy or gluton.. What would you recommend?

A Taxi.. was the waitress reply!