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10th August 2017

Plus 7 and dry when driving in. A very autumnal feel to the start of the day. Yes winters coming..

Yesterday racing broke another record when there were 105 non runners around the country yesterday due to changing ground conditions.. Hardly surprising as it was horrid day and very very wet.

John and Veronica Full were here third lot this morning to see their KBRP horses Blazon, Chateau Robin and Ascotdeux Nellerie and their Racing For Maggies horses Another Venture and Biscuit

Well we are still here… good sense or brinkmanship. Still scary.

Thursday is our easy day but not at this time of year.

Tom Siddall is half way around the yard rasping and pulling all the horses teeth.

Archie and I are heading to Lords later today to watch Middlesex take on Sussex in the NatWest Blast

A few definitions

Democracy: a system which ensures that everybody gets what nobody wants

Dieting: wishful shrinking experience: the ability to recognize a mistake when you make it again

Global warming: a meteorological phenomenon cited to explain the  appearance of three consecutive days of fine weather in a British summer

Horrific: a word used to describe an accident on any occasion when ‘tragic’ is inappropriate

Husband: a person who empties the waste paper bin and believes that he has cleaned the whole house

Hypochondria: the only illness a hypochondriac thinks he or she doesn’t have

Instruction manual: an explanation of how to use something written in a way that is easily understood only by the author

Consultant: someone who tells you how to improve doing something that he or she can’t do at all

Morris dancer: a drinker with a dance problem

Paranoia: why do you want to know?

Procrastination: a word I didn’t get round to defining today but might get round to tomorrow.

To finish Happy birthday to Casper Shand Kydd..