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11th August 2023

Plus 17 and dry when driving in.

Yesterday afternoon I attempted to take some photos of the horses for the horses in training page, but the sun was not for playing.. Clouds and then it was time to call a halt in preparation that another day might produce the right conditions..Summer? The Postie was wrong!

Mat had a good day at Shade Oak Stud and saw Matt Lambert's mare Cascaye in the field..

Peter Kerr has been away all week on his annuals in Wales.. Relative silence from him over the week, although I am sure he has been beavering away..At least he is not camping this time round..

The Lady Joseph Trust fundraising.. They would like to make you all aware of some of the lots that have been recently added to the auction. The auction will be online until the 12pm on Saturday the 12th of August. Click here to see the auction lots and of course bid away..

Chepstow survived a drama last night..

Paddy...''I think my wife is selling drugs!''

Mick...''How come?''

Paddy...The phone rang this morning, I answered it, and some bloke said, ''Has that dope gone yet?''

A take on the above