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10th September 2022

Plus 13 and dry when driving in..

Another 8 mm of rain last night making it about 24 for the month... The grass is now green..

I crept off for an afternoons fishing yesterday on the Wye at Bigsweir.. It was my first day since May and although again I caught nought it was good to be back in the water.. The river has not been fished for about 6 weeks due to low water and heat..

David Bass was in this morning.

The New Club were here second lot for a visit.

Michael and Mary Dulverton were here third lot to see their horses perform.

There is no racing today as a mark of respect, although it will start again tomorrow

Sad times and Racing will miss The Queen enormously. She was the bedrock to our sport..

This poem was sent to me by my sister.


Phillip came to me today,

and said it was time to go.

I looked at him and smiled,

as I whispered that "I know"


I then turned and looked behind me,

and seen I was asleep.

All my Family were around me,

and I could hear them weep.


I gently touched each shoulder,

with Phillip by my side.

Then I turned away and walked,

with My Angel guide.


Phillip held my hand,

as he lead the way,

to a world where King's and Queens,

are Monarch's every day.


I was given a crown to wear

or a Halo known by some.

The difference is up here,

they are worn by everyone.


I felt a sense of peace,

my reign had seen its end.

70 years I had served my Country,

as the peoples friend.


Thank you for the years,

for all your time and love.

Now I am one of two again,

in our Palace up above.


To finish.. Happpy birthday to John Perriss.. and tomorrow it is Sandie Wilkinson's..Both of you.. have a good one..