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10th December 2015

Plus 10 and dry when driving in. Will it stay that way?

Things did not go well at Leicester yesterday; we were beaten on all 4 occasions.

Abbreviate ran too free but should have finished a great deal closer. Didntitellya pulled up early enough to suggest something wrong. Grand March finished 4th and is going the right way while Milord ran a blinder and finished second.. Milord will be penalised I am sure by the handicapper for running well and finishing second!

My mobile phone was hot with irate punter(s) calling me abusive names after Abbreviate finished 3rd..I have broad shoulders and perhaps I have heard worse, but some of the names I was called would shock you.. Why are people gutless enough to ring on a withheld number to give abuse? One person obviously enjoyed ringing so much (22) that he had my number on re dial..!

Lee Mottershead of the Racing Post and many others on the racecourse  thought I was brave to attend the races after my web site comments,.. I was impressed by how many people came up to me offering me biscuits!

On a positive note I did have a long conversation with Directors Marc Nelson and Nick Lees and we have had email communication since, which is a start.

I have probably said enough on the subject now and I await to see what happens.. Anyway if you have any thoughts on your past visits to Leicester as an owner then please email me as I would love to know if it is just me?

The final irony was the fact that I was caught driving too fast (38 in a 30) on a speed camera while  hurrying away from the racecourse after their last meeting… Devine retribution?

Graham and Carolyne Hay were here for a morning on the gallops followed by breakfast.. A Charity donation.

Steve and Chris Adams were here third lot to see their grey Kayf Tara gelding. This lovely greys KBRP is now full

Sandra Steer-Fowler was here to collect A Shade Of Bay; ASOB returns to Devon to start her new career as a broodmare.

We have 5 runners today.

At Warwick we run Red Spinner, Bandon Roc. Mor Brook and My Cousin Rachel while at Newcastle Brian Harding has his first ride for me on Cracked Rear View in the first.. CRV is odds on ..our last 3 odds on shots have all been beaten!! Anyway for my thoughts on all their chances please click here.

Féilim Ó Muirí emailed yesterday....Thanks for the heads up on the dodgy email which is supposedly from UPS, Fed Ex...Just to warn you of another one that is going around..

Its an email offering, Processed Pork, Gelatin & Salt in a can, if you get this email do not open it....Its Spam!