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13th February 2019

Plus 7 and dry when driving in.

David Bass was in this morning to ride work and we also jumped Pond Road, Mon Palois, Illuminated Beauty, Station Master, Lots Of Luck and Rose To Fame

Videos of the horses can be viewed here - First Lot, Second Lot, Schoolers

Back to normal although we will have no runners until Saturday.

Last week the BHA encouraged us to add a booster to our vaccination rota and however much I hate doing so (I do believe some horses are effected by flu jabs), we thankfully took their advice and gave all the horses one late on Saturday morning.

My mistake was not telling my owners with potential runners that their horses would not be able to run for 6 whole days after their jab, which meant that Blazon, Another Venture and Prince Llywelyn were unable to make their races this week.

Annoying for their owners, but having said that, none would have run as all were outside the new rules of 6 months.. Blazon by one day.. his 6 months was up yesterday and he was due to run tonight at Kempton..

The BHA have imposed their new regulations so that racing can return to our screens and racecourses, so after this week it will be back to normal for all.

They could well have said all vaccinations have to be done and racing won't resume until next week and that way all would be in the same boat.. but they did not.

Has the new editor of The Racing Post invited Alastair Down back into the fold? Two days on the trot he has written in our sports paper. Yesterday a fine piece on Nicky Henderson and today he is on the front page.. Good to have him back..

Cricket.. We finished with a convincing win over the Windies.. I would like to go to St Lucia.. It looked a wonderfully relaxed way to watch cricket. The Darren Sammy National Cricket Stadium looks a Stunning ground.

Late morning Mervyn Harmon called in for his annual visit and chat..

We have had a week of talking viruses....The 3rd strain of the Nile virus is coming...

I thought you would want to know about this e-mail virus.

Even the most advanced programs from Norton or McAfee cannot take care of this one.

It appears to target those who were born prior to 1958.

Virus Symptoms

1. Causes you to send the same e-mail twice. (Done that)

2. Causes you to send a blank e-mail. (That too)

3. Causes you to send an e-mail to the wrong person. (Yup)

4. Causes you to send it back to the person who sent it to you. (Ah-ha)

5. Causes you to forget to attach the attachment. (Done that)

6. Causes you to hit SEND before you've finished. (Oh no, not again)

7. Causes you to hit DELETE instead of SEND. (Hate that)

8. Causes you to hit SEND when you should DELETE. (Heck, now what?)

It's called the C-Nile virus!

You cant beat a bit of good old fashion humour....